Montréal, October 21, 2021 — Génome Québec and the Fonds de recherche du  Québec – Nature et technologies (FRQNT) have joined forces for the first edition of the Geonomics integration program – agriculture and biofood, forestry and environment. The budget for this program comes from a $2 M investment from Génome Québec and a $600,000 investment from FRQNT as part of the economic recovery initiative in the biofood and green energy sectors.

For Stéphanie Lord-Fontaine, Vice President, Scientific Affairs at Génome Québec, “it goes without saying that innovation starts with great ideas, but you also need to have the means to bring these ideas to life. This partnership, worth $2.6 M, will not only stimulate the implementation of our mutual strategies but also catalyze research in these promising areas in Québec. By helping to make multiple innovations feasible, this initiative allows us to act as drivers of economic development
in Québec.”

The purpose of this springboard measure is to help research teams to be better equipped to secure substantial funding down the road. This geonomics integration program initiated by Génome Québec aims to provide researchers with tools to facilitate the development of their proof of concept and support their competitiveness. This program is a way to stimulate and retain the next generation of talent while renewing the critical mass of researchers in Québec. The expansion of genomics funding programs beyond the field of human health also allows for strategic advances and job creation in sectors that play a key role in economic development and innovation in Québec. Génome Québec would like to thank FRQNT for their remarkable contribution.

Janice Bailey, Scientific Director at FRQNT, says, “I am delighted by this new partnership between Génome Québec and FRQNT. It enables us to support “proof of concept” research projects, which are an essential link in the innovation chain leading to a marketable product. Projects can be co-funded by a variety of organizations outside the academic community, including private companies, industry consortia, non-profit organizations and government departments and agencies. This agreement will further strengthen economic recovery efforts in the biofood and environment sectors, specifically green energy.”

About Génome Québec
Génome Québec’s mission is to catalyze the development and excellence of genomics research and promote its integration and democratization. It is a pillar of the Québec bioeconomy and contributes to Québec’s influence and its social and visit

About the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et technologies
The FRQNT’s mission is to support and promote excellence in research and the training of the next generation of researchers in the fields of natural sciences, mathematical sciences and engineering, in order to stimulate the development of knowledge and innovation in Québec


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