Why become a partner

The research partnerships of the Fonds de recherche du Québec constitute a lever for strengthening research capacity by combining everyone’s resources. This leverage effect also makes it possible to define new avenues for knowledge thanks to the diversity of actors working around research questions. Partnerships help accelerate the development of knowledge and innovation, as well as meet major societal challenges.

They offer several advantages to partners and to the research community, depending on the nature of the partnership:

  • Access to the Québec research community and to cutting-edge scientific facilities
  • Access for the research community to research fields and complementary expertise
  • Ability to translate needs into research questions and target them, by focusing on co-construction
  • Acceleration of the development of academic and professional knowledge on given themes
  • Mechanisms for mobilizing and transferring knowledge that strengthen the capacity for innovation
  • A lasting and structuring collaboration with the best researchers and students on specific themes
  • Access to decades of FRQ’s expertise in scientific evaluation by independent expert committees and program management, ensuring excellence in funded research
  • A highly qualified young scientist generation trained in the major priority areas for Québec, ready for the job market
  • A leverage effect beneficial to all by pooling financial resources

Key elements of a research partnership

We have developed a guide aiming of informing potential partners interested in developing knowledge and training highly qualified personnel in given themes, on the framework of research excellence implemented by the Fonds de recherche du Québec.

Flexible partnerships

Several possibilities are available to potential partners.

Join an existing FRQ program

The rules for each Fonds’ program or the programming of major societal challenges are defined by the FRQ (e.g. Bourses de stage en milieu de pratique du FRQSC).

Set up a specific program with the FRQ

The program rules are co-defined by the FRQ and their partners (e.g. FRQNT’s Oriented Research Program; FRQS’s Research Grants; FRQSC’s Concerted Actions; FRQ’s initiatives related to major societal challenges).

The FRQ join a partner program

Program rules are defined by the partner, or sometimes co-defined (e.g. Adopte Inc., Mitacs Globalink Internships; CIHR”s SUPPORT Unit).

Becoming a partner in research funded by the FRQ

For example, the FRQNT’s innovation networks, FRQS’  support for scholarship holders or the FRQSC’s partnership teams.