This tool raises awareness among researchers and students of best practices in responsible research conduct by providing activities that focus on decision-making in a real research context.

Easily adaptable to a variety of research contexts, this tool can be used in a complementary and flexible manner, by module or activity, to support training or teaching initiatives, or to stimulate reflection and discussion among members of a research team. Commercial use is not permitted.

You can immediately use each of the 3 modules by simply clicking on the boxes below.

However, it is possible to obtain a certificate attesting to the successful completion of the modules. To obtain such a certificate, you must, before starting the modules, send us an email indicating that you wish to register to the portal that allows the delivery of certificates of completion. We will send you access to this portal and you can then begin the modules.

If you have any comments about the tool, please contact the Ethics and Legal Affairs team.

Videos (in French)

  • Qu’est-ce que la conduite responsable en recherche ? Voir la vidéo
  • Conduite responsable en recherche : un bilan des actions des FRQ. Voir la vidéo