Children with communication disorders have trouble expressing themselves or understanding language.

Some may have both problems at once. Such children also present learning difficulties and may experience limitations in school and in their daily lives, putting them at risk of impaired social participation. In order to properly comprehend their personal experience, we need to identify which daily activities they are able or unable to accomplish and what social roles they have difficulty fulfilling.

The possiblity to work on certain aspects of their environment will facilitate academic and social participation.

In addition, identifying the environmental factors that positively or negatively impact children’s ability to carry out their daily activities would provide a better understanding of their situation.

This research project aims to document the social participation of children with communication disorders, to understand how their social participation is influenced by environmental factors and to describe the quality of the environment in which such children develop. It will then be possible to work on certain aspects of their environment, thereby facilitating their academic and social participation.

Main researchers

Benoit Jutras/Claire Croteau, Université de Montréal

Research report

Call for proposals

Deposit of the research report: May 2008