Start preparing the application as soon as the web forms are available (July).

Before starting the preparation of the application, read all the documentation concerning the chosen program (web file, form, documents in the toolbox, etc.) carefully. Every year, many details are updated.

Use the space allocated in the forms wisely in order to facilitate the reading of the application.

Ensure the collaboration of your director during the various stages of the application including the submission of his or her form, which itself includes the text describing your role and your contribution to the project in the host environment.

Clearly report any university-level awards, grants or distinctions in the appropriate sections of the form (e.g., award date, amount, and level of prestige).

Report all information regarding your publications and their status (use the PubMed format) as well as any oral or poster presentations (full list of authors, title, event, location, date): detailed list and summary table.

Describe an original, clear and concise research project with balanced sections (research problem and hypotheses, objectives, relevant methods and analyzes, contributions to the advancement of knowledge); define acronyms and do not overuse them.

Clearly specify the links between the training environment and your research project. If you are under co-supervision, demonstrate the added value of this aspect.