The Thematic Network grant program is a support program for research infrastructures in Quebec. Established in 1993, this program has allowed Quebec to acquire competitive research networks and strengthen its positioning at the provincial and national levels. The program has also made it possible to develop critical masses of researchers in fundamental, clinical, evaluative, and epidemiological research and to support the training of a student succession of quality. The impact of this program is unequivocal, and its effect has propelled Quebec as a world player in various spheres of research.

The FRQS Thematic Network grant program was last updated in 2015 following an evaluation by an ad hoc committee. All of the recommendations proposed in the committee’s report were adopted and gave rise to the program that is currently known.

Current context

Drawing on the strengths of Quebec in research, the FRQS relies on Thematic Networks to exercise unifying leadership with the Quebec scientific community and to create greater cohesion around targeted themes. Research is constantly evolving and it is therefore essential that the mechanisms that provide research support are well adapted and consistent with current societal needs. More than thirty years after their creation, a reflection on the impact of new research challenges and societal paradigms on networks is essential.

Thus, being concerned to offer a research program adapted and aligned with, in particular, to the Stratégie québécoise de la recherche et l’innovation et la Stratégie des sciences de la vie, the FRQS has begun the process of updating the program of Thematic Networks. It is important to ensure that the program always meets the needs of research and, in this context of collaboration, intersectorality and interdisciplinarity, it becomes essential to carry out the analysis and make the necessary adjustments.

At the end of this competition, the mapping of research networks is expected to be new and representative of current health research issues in Quebec.

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