The Visage Municipal program returns in its new version extended to all the sectors of the three Quebec Research Funds (FRQ) and offers teams of researchers and actors of the territory in Quebec to join forces in the realization henceforth intersectoral projects, aligned with the research and innovation needs of the Municipalities.

Research teams must be made up of at least the following three people:

  1. a principal investigator working in research fields covered by the FRQNT, the FRQS or the FRQSC;
  2. a person attached to the Municipality partner of the project;
  3. a researcher working in research fields covered by another FRQ than the principal investigator.

Dates to remember

Program launch: August 25, 2021
Information webinar: September 2021
Deadline (letter of intent: pre-request): October 4, 2021
Deadline (request): January 20, 2022
Announcement of results: March 2022
Project start date: March 31, 2022

Stay tuned!