1st prize: Célia Forget, Université Laval

Célia Forget is a research professional at Université Laval. She began her career as a member of the Chaire de recherche du Canada en patrimoine ethnologique and, in 2011, was appointed scientific coordinator of the Centre de recherche Cultures-Arts-Sociétés (CELAT), where she is also a research associate.

She is very involved in student training and developed a number of activities and sessions, including the Université d’été internationale summer program. Stemming from a partnership between the CELAT and the Musée de la civilisation, this unique collaborative experience gives students the opportunity to design their own cultural mediation projects. She has also created several science outreach activities. Among them is the Université populaire de Québec sur le vivre-ensemble, which aims to spark public debates for insightful thinking on community harmony.

Célia Forget earned a PhD in anthropology from Université de Provence and in ethnology from Université Laval. She is also a prolific researcher whose innovative work on mobile lifestyles is internationally recognized. Her publications include the first French-language issue on the topic in Anthropologie et Sociétés (2021) and Vivre sur la route (Liber, 2012). She is also an adjunct professor at UQAM and a lecturer at Université Laval.