This research focused on the implementation of a service model to support college teachers in their interventions with students with disabilities.

By combining qualitative research and action research, our objectives were to analyze the disability situations experienced by students in educational settings from the point of view of their teachers, to document the individualized teaching practices (differentiated instruction, complementary teaching and the use of resources, accommodations and modifications) of college teachers and to propose the development of a simple, useful form of support for college teachers to foster the success of students with disabilities.

Resource teachers are key when it comes to responding to the information needs.

Three resource teachers helped to clarify their tasks and professional roles within their college’s disability resource centre. They also tested an analysis grid of the obstacles encountered by these students in learning situations.

Resource teachers, together with other college professionals, are key when it comes to responding to the information needs of teachers, suggesting courses of action to help teachers overcome the obstacles encountered by certain students in learning situations, and guiding teachers in choosing continuing education options.

Main researcher

Nathalie Trépanier, Université de Montréal


Research report


Call for proposals

Deposit of the research report: December 2015