This research project studied the integration of assessment practices into teaching practices by CEGEP fine arts and dance teachers.

We know that the assessment process in the field of the arts is complex and poses specific questions, some of which are of particular interest to us: How do CEGEP arts teachers evaluate students’ artistic productions? What training did they receive? What problems do they experience in assessing learning of an artistic nature?

How do CEGEP arts teachers evaluate students’ artistic productions?

An attempt to even partially answer these questions would improve students’ performance through a direct impact on assessment and teaching practices. More precisely, we are concerned with understanding how assessment is integrated into the teaching of arts at CEGEP.

Following an analysis of the responses to two questionnaires that were distributed to CEGEP fine arts and dance teachers, and after studying CEGEP policies and teachers’ evaluation documents, it appears that integration occurs throughout the assessment process. Indeed, from the application of assessment policy rules right through to the moment they return students’ work, participating teachers are concerned with harmonizing learning assessment and teaching, while respecting their institutional obligations. Integration occurs from time to time at certain moments of the teaching process, and is more a reflection of intuitive actions in response to requirements or needs that arise in class than a carefully thought-out approach. However, much remains to be done to foster the integration of assessment and teaching.

Main researcher

Diane Leduc, Université du Québec à Montréal


Research report

Call for proposals

Deposit of the research report: August 2011