Nadia Sourial

PhD student in the Department of Family Medicine
McGill University

Award-winning publicationSex Differences in Dementia Primary Care Performance and Health Service Use: A Population-Based Study

Published in:  Journal of the American Geriatrics Society


Research into the risk factors, clinical presentation and progression of dementia reveals significant sex differences. However, it is unclear whether these contrasts also arise in patients’ health care management and use. In a population-based study led by Nadia Sourial, the sex differences for 18 performance indicators related to primary health care and health services utilisation were reviewed in seniors 65 years and older who were newly diagnosed with dementia and living in the community in Ontario between 2002 and 2014. The majority of indicators remained relatively stable over time for men and women. The results highlight the similarities and differences in health care management and use between men and women suffering from dementia. Policy makers and clinicians can now develop health care and intervention plans that consider sex differences in service needs.