Equity, diversity and inclusion are essential to achieving scientific excellence and the full potential of the research ecosystem.

They enrich the research community and the quality, relevance and impacts of the research it produces. The Fonds de recherche du Québec (FRQ) therefore committed to strengthening equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in research. Their EDI strategy is part of this committment.


Québec’s research ecosystem as a leader in EDI

The FRQ aspire to achieve a research ecosystem whose strength lies in:

  • Greater equity and inclusive practices that allow all individuals to be recognized for their skills and ability to contribute to research excellence.
  • A diversity of people, perspectives, methodologies and research questions that reflect the concerns and needs of society as a whole.
  • Diverse and inclusive models of excellence that make Québec research stand out for its quality, relevance, creativity and impact.

Principles guiding the FRQ’s approach

A concerted approach within the research ecosystem is paramount.

It is important to ensure coherence between the actions of the FRQ, the federal granting agencies and the higher education institutions with respect to EDI. In addition, these actions must take into account the work of researchers and students who have long advocated for EDI within the research community. Collaboration and dialogue will be essential to achieve the systemic changes that a real culture shift entails.

Four main objectives

Objective 1. Make EDI core values within the organizational culture of the FRQ
  • Provide FRQ staff with an equitable, diverse and inclusive workplace
  • Integrate EDI in all spheres of activity of the FRQ
Objective 2. Ensure equitable access to FRQ funding
  • Collect data to better understand the barriers faced by different groups in accessing FRQ funding
  • Correct inequities and contribute to reducing barriers identified in the access to FRQ funding
Objective 3. Support and accelerate the research community’s move toward inclusive excellence
  • Mobilize the research community to include EDI in all facets of research
  • Work with university and college communities to promote an inclusive and diverse vision of research excellence
  • Support the research community in the cultural shift toward greater consideration of EDI
Objective 4. Accelerate the advancement and sharing of knowledge on EDI
  • Better recognize and support EDI expertise
  • Use the FRQ’s EDI process to build knowledge on EDI practices