Sophie Pascal has worked as a research professional for over a decade. In her career, she has made significant contributions to the research conducted by the team led by Professor Michel Janosz at École de psychoeducation, Université de Montréal and is a member of the Groupe de recherche sur les environnements scolaires (GRES).

She has collaborated on a number of major Québec studies on innovative topics, including the impacts of witnessing violence at school, the influence of school climate on commitment and depressive feelings in students and the determinants of burnout among teachers and the impacts on students. She also played a key role in international projects such as the initiative to identify students at risk of dropping out in Québec, France and Belgium, as well as the ISCY project to compare education systems in 10 cities around the world. She has contributed to evaluative research to assess the impacts of the Agir autrement (SIAA) strategy and prevention programs (Ma vie en premier, Check & Connect, Fusion Jeunesse, etc.).

As a member of the GRES, she has supported funding efforts, graduate students and the development of complex statistical analyses. Finally, she has made a direct contribution to over 26 papers and presentations at international scientific conferences, 10 book chapters, 12 papers in leading journals, 16 research reports and the dissemination of research results in practice settings. Beyond these accomplishments, her work is marked by her passion for research which, for Sophie, constitutes a source of motivation that is endlessly renewed.