Scientific Direction

Research in social and human sciences, arts and letters allows us to better understand the current challenges facing our society. Our researchers work on subjects as important as school retention, the fight against inequalities, art and well-being or the circular economy.

Louise Poissant

Scientific Director of the FRQSC

The FRQSC offers a variety of scholarship and grant programs. In addition to its main budget, the FRQSC can offer additional funding to both students and researchers, thanks to the support of its numerous partners.

Facts and Figures

Here is an overview of the funding offered by the FRQSC in 2020-2021, totaling over $ 63 million.

For a more detailed portrait, see the page Facts and figures.


Scholarship holders


Support for new professor-researchers or in research-creation


Research teams


Strategic clusters

Lists of funding granted


Every year, the FRQSC publishes a number of administrative documents.